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This is a very special day for us because we can finally present you an amazing new model: Maria Body. She is a Russian lingerie model already famous in her country but she also debuted, at the end of 2017, in the busty glam world working for
Actually we consider Maria the BEST NEWCOMER of 2018!

Maria is a very nice and special person, in less than 3 months she has become famous and we were very interested in speaking about her so we contacted Maria for an interview and she had no problems in saying “yes”.
Reading this interview you will know more about Maria and her life.
We have to admit that it was a big surprise for us: Maria is not only a very beautiful and sexy woman but especially a very nice and funny person.
This is her first official online interview and…...we are really proud of that!
Thanks Maria!

167 cm
Breast size: 32JJ
Eyes: gray
Birthday: October 1, 1986
Hair color: blond
Maria @ Instagram
Maria @ Twitter

Boobglam: Hello Maria!
Maria: Hello Boobglam!

Boobglam: How are you? We are very happy to speak with you.
Maria: this is the first experience of online interviews in my life, and the interview in general.  This is very interesting for me and I hope that I will answer all the questions that interest you 🙂

Boobglam: When and why did you decide to model?
Maria: I’ll be honest: I never wanted to become a model and thought that I was not suitable for this role.  I always believed that my body would not allow me to be a model.  I was embarrassed about my breasts and when I was in school, I dreamed that when I become an adult, I will definitely perform a breast reduction operation. Thank God that I changed my mind! ))) In Russia, and all over the world, there have always been problems with choosing a lingerie for a big breast. There were very few lingerie stores with the right size.  But then I found one of these stores.  Once the store manager announced a casting of the models and I decided to go there. There were a lot of girls, but they chose me.  It was more than a year ago.  And from that moment my life changed. I have never thought that I could become so popular.

Boobglam: Do you like being photographed?
Maria: Show me at least one girl who does not like to be photographed.  ))) But seriously … I was lucky: all the people I worked with are real professionals. I always enjoy the photo session.  During the photo session, I can be different, not the same as in normal life.  During the photo shoot, I’m real, open, and courageous.  In ordinary life, I’m very modest))))) I really like to be photographed in lingerie, it’s beautiful.  I show people that you do not need to be shy and be yourself, to be proud of your body.

You are becoming very popular and admired, how have you taken your new position in the busty glam world?
Maria: I’m very popular?  Really?)))))) In fact, when I became a model for a brassiere shop, I wanted to show the girls who have a big chest, that our breast size also has beautiful underwear.  There was no such beauty before.  But now I know that our photos can be beautiful and without linen))))) I’m very glad that my photos are popular with people and I will make them! I want to achieve even greater success in the busty glam world!

Is it difficult to deal with big breasts? I mean, in your private life and also in public situations. Any anecdote?
Maria: I treat this with humor.)) My friends always joke, they say: “First, the breasts comes in from behind the door to the room, and then Maria!”))) When I meet new people, I notice that they are talking  not with me, but with my breasts.  🙂 On the street I do not notice the looks of strangers, but my friends notice and always laugh))))

Boobglam: What do you do when you are not working? How is a normal day in your life?
Maria: Photoshootings are my hobby.  In ordinary life I work in a large law firm.  But when I have free time, I spend it with my friends.  I have very funny friends, they always support me. We often get together, walk, travel. And I’m also a member of the support group and the administrator of the hockey team.  Last year we became the best fans.  🙂 I’m proud of it.

Boobglam: Do you often get compliments from guys on the street? Do girls compliment your breasts too? Or are they mostly jealous?
Maria: I have pages in social networks and many men give me compliments.  I was surprised, but women do compliments too.  Very often women ask me to share with them my breasts 🙂 There are people who envy and say bad things about me, but I do not pay attention to them.  Of course, on the streets, men also make compliments!  It’s very nice for me.  Many passersby try to meet and talk to me on the street.  )))

Boobglam: Besides your boobs, what is your second favorite part of your body? PS: we love so much your eyes 🙂
Maria: Haha))) Yes, you guessed right: after the breasts in second place I have eyes and face.  Thanks to my parents for my appearance))))

Visiting your Instagram profile we have understood you love to travel and we think to know what is your favorite country 🙂
Maria: Yes, I like travelling very much.  Earlier I traveled only in Russia and once I even traveled the whole country by train: from Vladivostok to Moscow.  And this is 7 days on the road.  It was an amazing adventure!  I saw what a huge country we have.  Do you know the city of Vladivostok?  It seems to me that you don’t know …))) This is the most extreme point of Russia on the border with China.  This is my homeland, I was born there.  Many people dream of going there.  This is a very beautiful city.  As for my travels, I really enjoyed Potsdam (Germany) and Verona (Italy).  Potsdam is a very small and quiet city.  But Verona … Verona is my love.  I left my heart in this city.  I really like the Italians: they are always smiling, happy to see you, always ready to help.  Even dogs that walk the streets stop and smile at all passers-by!  Verona’s mood was special, I felt at home there.  But this is only the beginning of my acquaintance with Italy.  I’m sure there are a lot of beautiful cities here!

Boobglam: Great! Being Italian I officially invite you to come back here for visiting Rome and more, I will be your personal guide 🙂
Maria: Wow! It’s perfect! I’ll book tickets!))) I will definitely be back to Italy! This is my country! It seems to me that in a past life I used to live here 🙂 And maybe we’ll have a photo shoot at the Coliseum? ?
[Boobglam staff reading that fainted for joy, lol]

Boobglam: What are your short-term and long-term plans in and outside the busty glam world?
Maria: I already said that photo sessions are my hobby.  But now I want this to become my main job.  I am ready to go in this direction.  I think I’m good at photos)))) I hope so.  🙂 A lot of my fans are asking me to open my own website.  I think that in the near future I must address this issue.  I really like photo shoots in underwear and I would like to participate in the shows of one of the famous brands.  So I’ll work on myself and maybe in the future you’ll see me on the podium.  🙂

Boobglam: What would be your perfect photshoot? What location? What theme?
Maria: I really like authentic places.  I mean places that reflect the nature of countries.  For example, in Germany – it’s palaces, in Italy – ancient buildings such as the Coliseum, in Switzerland – it’s mountains and lakes.  When I was in Verona in the Arena, I imagined how beautifully the photo session would look in the gentle underwear against the background of the centuries-old stones … It’s amazing!))) I know that amazing photos are obtained on the beach.  In general, I believe that in any photo shoot the main thing is the mutual understanding of the photographer and the model.  And professionalism, of course.  No photographer can beautifully photograph a model that will not understand what it needs to do in front of the camera.  It does not matter what the location is.

Boobglam: What about your experience with staff?
Maria: This was my first experience of the photoshoot of topless and the first trip to Europe.  At first I was very worried, but now I can say that it was an amazing adventure!))) We are very friends with everyone who helped with the photo session.  I have long dreamed of working in the style of “nude”, but I was afraid that my photos might not like viewers and my friends.  But I was wrong.  🙂 Now I know that this was the right decision.  Many people like my photos and I am very happy about it.

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Boobglam: Are you interested in creating your own website? I see you have a lot of admirers so a personal website would be perfect for staying in touch with them and offer more of you!
Maria: Oh sure.  I want to go further, develop in the direction of the model business and get invitations to the photo shoots.  I understand that for this I need my own website.  My fans ask me to open my site.  I will work on this, I promise you!  )))

Thank you Maria for this interview, you are really lovely! Best wishes to you for real life and…, you deserve it!

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PS: Maria speaks and writes english fluently, I published her original answers with, probably a few mistakes but I decided to not correct them because I want you know the “real Maria”.

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