“Hello! My nickname is Umnizza7777 that in my native language sounds like an intelligent girl! I model on Chaturbate and, with big breasts and a soft but not fat body.”
Breast Size: 38J
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Redhead
Height: 5’6″ or 168 cm
Weight: 155 lbs
Measurements: 44″ 30″ 37″
Orientation: Bisexual
[Source: Manyvids umnizza777 official account]

We follow umnizza7777 on chaturbate since a very long time and just casually we had the possibility to speak with her so……wow, what better opportunity to interview her and listen to her story? Umnizza7777 is a very nice person, a true professional performer, you just need to watch her live!!!
Thanks umnizza7777 for the wonderful fansigned photos!

This is an exclusive and special interview! Umnizza speaks for the first time about herself. Enjoy.

Boobglam: Hello umnizza777!
Umnizza7777: Hello Boobglam!

Boobglam: How are you? We are very happy to speak with you. When and why did you decide to model?Umnizza7777: I have been working as a web model for over 7 years. Before that, I was a math teacher, I taught math in college, and I have always enjoyed the attention of students. Both guys and girls. But I got used to the attention, because my breasts began to grow even when I was in school, and in high school I was already the busty schoolgirl!

Boobglam: Is it difficult to deal with big breasts? I mean, in your private life and also in public situations.
Umnizza7777: I really love my breasts. I find it beautiful, sexy and sensual! This is one of the reasons why I work as a webcam model. I want to share this blessing with those who enjoy it. It is very difficult to find beautiful lingerie for such large breasts, with a small waist! And that’s a problem for me!


Umnizza7777: In any country where I have been, I always visit lingerie stores and bring myself gifts from there. Also, my fans sometimes give me gifts in the form of underwear, for which I am very grateful to them. A few months ago, one of my fans gave me a set of lingerie, and I did a photo shoot for him with this set! And I gave him these photos! But without fitting it is difficult to guess the size and shape, so I choose and the guys just pay for it.

Umnizza7777:Why I havedon’t I show my face, you may ask? There are several reasons for this. One of them is that I want to remain a mystery to the guys. A mystery woman is always more interesting than a woman – an open book, don’t you think? Each guy who invited me to private can imagine exactly the face he would like to see in front of him at this moment. Therefore, I chose just such a role for myself. But, I can say that I am far from ugly, and in everyday life they give me compliments not only to my breasts, but also to my beautiful face.

missboobs_web aka umnizza7777 OnlyFans Official Account:
“Huge Tits & Tight Hot Pussy! Heels, Stockings, Wax, Rope, Role Play, Cowgirl, Boob Jumping, Slow Motion Video! Write to me about your fantasies!”


Boobglam: But has anyone ever seen your face?
Umnizza7777: Of my regular webcam clients, there are only a few people who have seen my face in full. These are my VIP clients, they supported me in my difficult times, and they continue to support me when I became a famous model. Therefore, they have the right to see me completely.
Boobglam: What do you do when you are not working?
Umnizza7777: How do I like to spend my time? I like to walk, ride a bike, swim. And I also really love to fry barbecue! When I have a weekend, I try to go out into the forest with my friends and cook a delicious barbecue!

Boobglam: Your favorite vacation?
Umnizza7777: If I manage to arrange a long vacation for myself, I go to travel. At least that was before the pandemic! I have been to several countries in Asia, I have also been to Turkey, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates. I choose countries that have a warm, gentle sea!

Umnizza7777: I love swimming and sunbathing.

Boobglam: What are your short-term and long-term plans in and outside the busty glam world?
Umnizza7777:“I’m thinking about creating a YouTube channel where I could show the beauty of the underwater world. I shoot this on camera when I swim with a mask and fins!”
Boobglam: wow, fantastic project!

Ok, thanks umnizza for giving us the possibility to know you better. We hope everyone will support you through you official account:

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