“Energetic woman with big breasts likes to start and play with the guys”
Breast Size: 38G
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Black
Height: 6’5″
Measurements: 66″ 48″ 66″
Orientation: Straight

Brendi is a so sweet person and incredible live cam model!
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This is an exclusive and special interview/story! Brendi speaks for the first time about herself. Enjoy.
“Hello. I am a webmodel with more than 10 years of experience. It all started with a story overheard on the train. Two young girls shared their impressions and their opinions about this work. I joined their conversation and they told me all the subtleties and difficulties of this work. I was interested in it and I decided to try it. At first I was shy .. but then I became much more confident and relaxed. I got my fans. who have been with me throughout my entire experience as web models .. they support me in mine for which I am very grateful to them.”

“At the moment, my observations about the quality of work suggested to me that working without a face is much more effective and like a large number of people, since everyone can give flight to their fantasies. I am a psychologist by education, and therefore I really like this job. Clients often tell me life stories, and I, as a psychologist, help them understand the situation. Many then thank me, saying that I helped them a lot. I can feel the desires and character of each client .. the psychology of a person is manifested in his communication style, in the manner and way of presenting thoughts.”

Many men like my parameters and I notice it. If looking at me for men it brings pleasure – I am glad of it. My vacation is active with the company of my friends. Our rest always carries a lot of positive and cheerful mood. I often take a dog with me for a walk, I have a German shepherd.

I have not been abroad of my country. Honestly, I’m afraid to fly. This is my phobia. I didn’t have to go to the nearest neighboring countries. But I hope that I still have everything aheadBy the way, I am a Slav, and I can confirm that Slavs are the most busty women in the world!

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