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This is another special day for us because we can present you a new fantastic model: Talia Amanda. She is from Austria and debuted a few weeks ago in the busty glam world working for

Talia is a very funny girl, she contacted us and we asked her for an interview and she had no problems in saying “yes”.
We are really proud of that: this is her first official online interview! Thanks Talia!


Boobglam: Hello Talia!
Talia: Hello to you! Pleasure to meet you!

Boobglam: How are you? We are very happy to speak with you.
Talia: I Am fine and also glad having the occasion to speak with you!

Boobglam: When and why did you decide to model?
Talia: Well it was just this year some month ago, a friend told me about this possibility and said i would qualify. From beginning sounded unbelievable for me and i had to get accustomed to it, still a bit doubting that it could be enough for a living to do modeling as full-time job.

Boobglam: Do you like being photographed?
Talia: Absolutely  yes, i liked it also before.

Boobglam: You are becoming very popular and admired, how have you taken your new position in the busty glam world?
Talia: I see me not as special, but if others admire me it makes me happy.

Boobglam: Is it difficult to deal with big breasts? I mean, in your private life and also in public situations. Any anecdote?

Talia: No, only with clothings maybe and some sports i cant do-running and jumping obviously is not pleasant  for me.

Boobglam: What do you do when you are not working? How is a normal day in your life?
Talia: I like listen to music, playing games, having fun. I like to see comedian sketches, slapstick and everything what makes me laugh.

Boobglam: Do you often get compliments from guys on the street? Do girls compliment your breasts too? Or are they mostly jealous?
Talia: Yes i get attention, i feel it. But am accustomed to it, doesn’t disturb me. Sometimes also from women, sure! But nothing negative.

Boobglam: Besides your boobs, what is your second favorite part of your body?
Talia: Generally content with my body, it’s a blessing.

Boobglam: What do you think about working with other models?
Talia: I am curious how it would be.

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Boobglam: What is your favorite country?
Talia: Generally its maybe different regions which you can find everywhere: i like very much nature, gardens and  parks. Plants and animals.
At home had it always around, so its my desire always to return there and feel like at home.
One country i would be interested in would be Italy, never been there. But all what i got to know via TV or pictures makes me wanting to see it one time.

Boobglam:Great! Being Italian I officially invite you to come back here for visiting Rome and more, I will be your personal guide
Talia: Sound great, would be a pleasure!!

Boobglam: What are your short-term and long-term plans in and outside the busty glam world?
Talia: Just want to try out possibilities and see how it develops. Would be a dream to realize it as a profession.

Boobglam: What would be your perfect photshoot? What location? What theme?
Talia: Actually no preferences, i would do anything except porno and some extreme movements. Teasing and dancing i like the most and also more humoristic themes, acting and dressing funny.

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Boobglam: What about your experience with staff?
Talia: Was a good start-It was my first time to do a shooting and Daktari, photographer of Nadine Jansen’ site, made it for me so easy and comfortable that i felt well from the moment i got to know him. Also with the stylists had a good time. Without knowing other photographers who might be also friendly and nice I can highly recommend for newcomers to go to him.

Boobglam: Are you interested in creating your own website? I see you have a lot of admirers so a personal website would be perfect for staying in touch with them and offer more of you!
Talia: Yes of course, I would like to realize my ideas like I did on my twitter account, I like to be genuine myself.

Thank you Talia for this interview, you are really lovely and good luck for your career.

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