This is Carolina’s first official interview, a Boobglam Exclusive!

We are very happy to present you one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet: Carolina Sukie!
Carolina is a very nice and special person, we have seen her for the first time a few days ago on instagram and BOOM: we love her! So we decided to contact Carolina asking for a short interview and……. here we go!

Height: 5’9
Breast size: 34I
Eyes: Green
Birthday: 1994
Hair color: Blonde
From: Stockholm, Sweden
Languages: Swedish and english

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Boobglam: Hi Carolina!
Carolina: Hi guys”

Boobglam: When and why did you decide to model?
Carolina: I have only done modeling for about 1,5-2 years now, so I am still quite new to it. But I like it a lot! I wanted to try having a normal job first, because I was scared of it being a very superficial job. But I realized that I wont loose my brain just because I choose this job. I can still enjoy other things in life too. Like traveling, reading, painting, and I have just started learning to produce music which I am very excited about. But my main focus will remain on modeling. I also like gaming, my favourite games right now are CS and Magic the gathering arena!

Boobglam: Do you like being photographed?
Carolina: I love being photographed, but I also like taking photos on my own!

Boobglam: You are very famous on instagram but visiting some forums about busty girls we noticed that people are going crazy for you, they love your “explosive” beauty, do you know that?
Carolina: That is very sweet, I know I have amazing kind fans. They are very smart too. I know I have a big fan base on reddit too (15.6k members, Boobglam’s note).

(More is coming)

Boobglam: What do you do when you are not working? How is a normal day in your life?
Carolina: Except the things I already mentioned before I really like cooking and working out. I like yoga or I go to the gym! I like to cook my own food everyday. But I love to order sushi!

Boobglam: Is it difficult to deal with big breasts? I mean, in your private life and also in public situations.
Carolina: I think any girl with a larger chest gets used to the problems after a while, haha, like clothing not fitting or not finding bras in our size. I think the positives always outweighs the negatives in the end, haha!

Boobglam: Do you often get compliments from guys on the street?
Carolina: I do get compliments on the street from guys, but I dont always walk around with cleavage or tight clothing. I enjoy wearing different styles! Then I can get away with it more.

Boobglam: What are your short-term and long-term plans in and outside the busty glam world?
Carolina: My goals is to enjoy life and to bring my fans with me to enjoy too. I really like creating interesting content, with different feelings and poses and styles and thoughts behind it. I really enjoy it!

Boobglam: You are very active on your private accounts, onlyfans, patreon etc. Explain to our readers why it will be great to subscribe and stay in touch with you
Carolina: On my Onlyfans you get, as I am sure most people understand by now, the more exclusive content than Instagram. I really like posting interesting things on there. You can also message me there (and I will answer)! You can also purchase topless content in the dms. But you can see some nipple on the feed as well. I like to make my fans happy and enjoy what I post!

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